Monday, April 15, 2013

Number the Stars Vocab Set 2: Period 1 and 4

I will skim the text of Ch. 6-10, locate words I don’t know, and investigate to figure out their meanings to create Number the Stars Vocab Set 2.

Number the Stars Vocab Set 2
imperious (adjective)
dramatic, arrogant, or overly proud
Ellen stood on tip-toes again, and made an imperious gesture…
seldom (adverb)
not often; rare
It’s seldom to find Big Foot.
sulky (adjective)
angrily silent
I was sulky when my sister got to drive in a race car with my dad and I didn’t.
institution (noun)
an organization or foundation; a group of people who work for a mission
If you told the Nazis you were the Dark Queen, they’d haul you off to a mental institution.
dubiously (adverb)
dubious (adjective)
showing doubt or uncertainty
I was dubious when my dad said he bought a fourth car.
ease (verb)
ease (noun)
to do something carefully and quietly; easiness
Annemarie eased her bedroom door closed silently.
desperately (adverb)

desperate (adjective)
needing or doing something with urgency or pressure
I was desperately waiting for my aunt to come to Las Vegas.

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