Monday, April 29, 2013

Ch. 13 "Say, Mean, Matter"

Annemarie is courageous when she says, “I will take it… I know the way and it’s almost light now. I can run like the wind.” Her mama confirms her courage when she asks, “Annemarie, do you understand how dangerous this is?” (pg. 89)
This means that Annemarie cares about the Rosens because she is willing to risk her own life to get the package to Uncle Henrik. This means that Annemarie is very brave because she is aware of the danger but she still goes on the mission. Annemarie’s courage has developed throughout the novel, and although she still doesn’t know everything, she’s willing.
Annemarie’s courage matters to the characters because if the Nazis catch the Rosens leaving to Sweden with Uncle Henrik, they might all be killed. Her action shows that the bond of friendship can require you to risk your life if you’re willing. The package might be a map showing where they’re going to go, and if the Nazis manage to take the package they might find out where they’re going and track them down.

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