Wednesday, April 17, 2013

CST Prep: Using Punctuation for a Purpose

Name of Punctuation Mark
Purpose and Example
The Comma

-reminds the reader to pause (or take a breath)
-in a compound sentence, a comma comes before the conjunction
example: I went to the movies, and then I went to the beach.

F Example: I was happy, for I won the Spelling Bee.
A Example: I went to the beach, and then I went to the park.
N Example: The struggle did not end, nor did it lessen.
B Example: I went to the movies, but Ricardo went to the park.
O Example: Do you want to go to the movies, or do you want to     go swimming?
Y Example: I like Takis, yet I like Hot Cheetos more.
S Example: I studied for the C.S.T., so I got an advanced.
-used to start a business letter after the salutation

To Whom This May Concern:

-used to start a list in a sentence
I like the following students: Pico, Poci, and Piko.

- to combine two closely related sentences

Alexis was playing at the beach; his mom was making lunch.

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