Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Holocaust Vocabulary

Definition In Words That Make Sense
Sentence and Picture

Holocaust (proper noun)
the killing of 6,000,000 Jews and other people by Hitler and the Nazis
-Picture of a Nazi killing many people

Many Jews escaped the Holocaust.
The Holocaust was a really bad time for the Jews.

genocide (noun)
a planned out killing of a whole group of people that share a culture or religion
Genocide is the worst cause of racism there is.

In genocide, you are killed because of your beliefs or your culture.

Nazi (proper noun)
people that followed Hitler who disliked Jews (and anyone who wasn’t White)

anti-Semitism (proper noun)

anti-Semitistic (proper adjective)
the hatred of Jews
Macintosh HD:Users:socialstudiesteacher:Desktop:Unknown-1.jpegSwastika = sign of the Nazis and anti-Semitism

agenda (noun)
a well thought out plan
Many people believe that Osama Bin Laden had an agenda to crash planes into the Twin Towers.

segregation (noun)

segregate (verb)
separation based on skin color or beliefs
Picture of separate schools for Whites and others/ drinking fountains/ Whites and Blacks separated.

harass (verb)
Stop harassing me!

scapegoat (noun)
person blamed for something they didn’t do
Hitler used Jews as scapegoats for the money problems in Germany.

Today, immigrants are used as scapegoats for the money problems in the U.S. People say, “The immigrants are taking our jobs.”

quota (noun)
a defined number of people
Picture of a certain number of people
ghetto (noun)
an area of the city where Jews were forced to live; not a nice place; very controlled by the military
Picture of a not nice place to live.

resistance (noun)
a group of people who fight against who is in power
Picture of people protesting.

concentration camps (noun)
a camp Jews were sent to be murdered, or to do hard work for the Nazis
Picture of big grave of people, or a Jew doing hard work.

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