Friday, April 5, 2013

Making W.A.R. Comments

Types of W.A.R. Comments

Type of W.A.R. Comment
Good Example
(What I Do Want to Do)
Bad Example (What I Need to Avoid)
Making Connections
I can relate the way the Nazis treated the Jews, to the way that some police officers treat immigrants (pg. 5)
I can relate to Ellen because one time I was scared.

Tip: Try to connect the book to another source, and then explain in detail how they connect.
Why are Annemarie and Ellen’s mothers drinking fake coffee instead of real coffee? (pg. 7)
Why is Ellen scared of the Nazi?

Tip: Don’t ask questions that are obvious
Speaking to Characters
Peter, how did Annemarie’s sister die? (pg. 33)
Kirsti, I have a yellow dress too.

Tip: Connect to characters in a way that will help you understand what’s happening in the novel.
Putting Yourself in the Character’s Shoes
If I were Ellen, I would be very worried about my family’s future. (pg. 44)
If I were Ellen, I’d be sad.

Tip: Be detailed and explain yourself
Wondering on Paper
I wonder if Ellen would end up going to a concentration camp (pg. 77)
I wonder why Ellen’s name was Ellen.

Tip: Only wonder things that can eventually be figured out by reading the novel.

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