Thursday, March 7, 2013

Greek Mythology Writer's Workshop Reflection

Greek Mythology Reflection
1. Write the heading and objective on the paper I give you.
2. Write each of the questions down.
3. Answer each of the questions in complete sentences.
4. When you are done with your reflection, you may decorate the page with illustrations from Greek mythology.

Questions/ Prompts:
1.    What parts of your Greek Myth make you proud? Why? Explain in detail.

2.    If you could go back and change something about your myth, what would you change and why? Explain in detail.

3.    Are you satisfied (= happy) with the way your Greek Myth turned out? Why or why not?

4.    What challenges did you encounter (=come up to) during Writer’s Workshop? How did you overcome those challenges?

5.    What have you learned about Greek Mythology? Explain in words and pictures (if you want).