Thursday, April 4, 2013

Number the Stars Ch. 1-5 Vocabulary Period 1

Number the Stars Vocabulary Chapters 1-5

Definition in my Own Words
Write the sentence that includes the word
hoodlum (noun)
thug, or a person who might commit a crime
You look like a hoodlum when you run.
rucksack (noun)
backpack or a bag
Ellen nodded and shifted her own rucksack of books against her shoulder.
stocky (adjective)
having a big, muscular build (way your body is)
She was a stocky ten year old unlike lanky Annemarie.
residential (adjective)
suitable for living in as a house rather than being a business
Two girls were off racing along the residential sidewalk.
sabotage (verb)
planning to ruin something or someone
… News of sabotage against the Nazis.

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