Monday, April 15, 2013

NBS Vocab Set 2

I will skim the text of Ch. 5-10, locate words I don’t know, and investigate to figure out their meanings to create Number the Stars Vocab Set 2.

Number the Stars Vocab Set 2
request (verb)
to ask
When the bus stops, it says “Stop Requested.”
scornfully (adverb)

scornful (adjective)
to disrespect or to show an attitude toward someone you think is less than you
My mom was being scornful toward me when I was trying to help.
embroider (verb)

to decorate with needle work
… visible below the hem of an embroidered dress.

My shirt is embroidered with our school logo.
seldom (adverb or adjective)
rare or unlikely
It’s very seldom Uriel is quiet.
ration (noun and a verb)
a fixed amount (like a quota)
They had dared to use the strictly rationed electricity.
reluctant (adjective)

reluctantly (adverb)
not sure
Finally, he nodded his head reluctantly, but he was struggling.

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