Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Research Vocab Set 1

Research Vocabulary

Word and Part of Speech
Sixth Grade Sentence Using the Word
plagiarism (noun)
stealing some body’s work or idea
There are a lot of people who use plagiarism to make life easier (until they are caught).
plagiarize (verb)
to steal some body’s work or idea; copy
Some people plagiarize to just finish their work, however they do not realize how dumb it is to do that.
paraphrase ( verb)
express the meaning of a writer’s words by using different words; make shorter; to rephrase or simplify; summarize
My mom tells me every detail about her day, and I paraphrase it.
cite (verb)
name your source or author
I make sure to cite my sources because it’s ethical, and you can’t take credit for something you didn’t create.
citation (noun)
acknowledgement (recognition) of who created the idea or who wrote the work
The citation tells you who created the idea or the work.
quote (verb)
Repeat somebody’s exact words, or do refer to somebody for proof; use punctuation to show it
In the court, lawyers quote the witnesses’ words for evidence.

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