Monday, May 13, 2013

Ancient China Unit: Vocab Set 1

Vocab Set 1
Sentence or Picture
isolation (noun)
separation from others
Immigrants suffer from isolation from their families because they aren’t citizens.
isolate (verb)
to separate from others or something
A country that is isolated from the rest of the world does not know the world’s diversity.
plateau (noun)
mountain with a flat top
If I climbed a plateau, it would be easy to set up a tent on the top because it would be flat.
plain (noun)
a flat, stretched out piece of land (usually covered with grass)
Running on a plain is like running on a football field that goes on forever.
cultivate (verb)
to prepare for land for crops (to grow)
If I had a farm, I would cultivate mango trees because I love mangos.
cultivation (noun)
preparation of land for growing crops
The cultivation of mango trees is awesome because you end up with mangos.
barbaric (adjective)
an aggressive, uncivilized, uncultured person.
That person was so barbaric that they kicked him out of the restaurant.
barbarian (noun and an adjective)
uncivilized person/ to be uncivilized
Barbarians act like they were trapped in a closet for their whole lives.

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