Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ancient China EQ #4

EQ #4
What were the policies and achievements of Emperor Shi Huangdi that enabled him the ability to unify all of northern China under the Qin Dynasty?

Policies (Rules)
Achievements (Successes)
-If an official failed to carry out his policies, he would be fired

-All rich (noble) families were forced to move to the capital (place where the government is located) so that Shi Huangdi could watch over them closely

-Took away the warlords weapons and melted them down to make statues

-laws applied to all people (rich or poor) equally (not corrupt)

-strict laws were enforced with harsh punishments (cut off noses, feet, cut in half, buried alive)

-made a law that all people in China had to speak the same (uniform) language

-unified northern China by controlling the chaos

-China is named after the Qin Dynasty

-Built the Great Wall of China to keep invaders from the north out

-Centralized the government: all the places in China had to report back to him

-Organized China by 36 provinces which divided into counties

-produced all the same coins for the whole region of China to use

-established one single language for China home

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