Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ancient China Vocab Set 2

Unit 7: Vocab Set 2

Word and Part of Speech
Sentence and/or Picture
dynasty (noun)
family that rules for many generations
I wanted to part of a dynasty because I wanted to have power, and I wanted my family to rule forever.
corrupt (adjective)
dishonest; unethical; immoral; wicked or evil
Sometimes when people have too much power, they become corrupt.
corruption (noun)
dishonesty for personal gain; opposite of fair
Corruption causes sadness, mistrust, segregation, and chaos.
Mandate of Heaven (proper noun)
believing that heaven was a supreme (most powerful) force of nature giving dynasties the right to rule
Ancient Greece and Ancient China were different because Ancient Greece’s rulers were selected by the people and Ancient China’s rulers were thought to be selected by the Mandate of Heaven.
warlord (noun)
military leader
Hitler was a warlord because he accused the Jews of being the reason for losing World War I, and then he led with an iron fist.
chaos (noun)
disorder (dis= not)= not having any order
There was a lot of chaos during World War I and World War II.
Era of the Warring States (proper noun)
a period of time between 481 BC to 221 BC in which states were at war and in chaos
Throughout the drug war in Mexico, Mexico has been like the Era of the Warring States because of gang activity, corruption, killing, etc.

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