Tuesday, April 17, 2012

W.A.R. on Number the Stars

Why does Mrs. Johansen get illegal newspapers? (Brian)

Why didn't the soldiers take Ellen when they had the chance? (Edgar)

Why does Peter deliver illegal newspapers if he could get caught? (Riley)

Chapters 12 and 13
Annemarie, what are you going to do if Mama doesn’t get up? (pg. 85)

 I wonder how Henrik ended up being part of the Resistance? (pg. 86)

 I believe the Rosens will make it safely to Sweden, but I’m still worried about Uncle Henrik and Peter hiding their involvement in the Resistance from the Nazis. (pg. 87)

 Mrs. Johansen, don’t be so hard on yourself. Everyone falls! (pg. 87)

 I wonder what the packet is. Why is it so important to Uncle Henrik, Peter and helping the Nazis escape to Sweden? (pg. 89)

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