Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Today's Lesson

Dear Sixth Graders,
I wanted to tell you how proud I was of your participation in today's Social Studies lesson. I watched many of you deliver persuasive speeches that were extraordinarily powerful.

As you came to the stage, put on the pharaoh regalia, and spoke to your classmates, I hope that you recognized the amazing power your voice has to inspire and lead your community.

Many of you talked about leading your people with fairness, in which social classes would not exist. Others talked about loving each and every citizen of your nation equally, without a bias toward one person or another. You used persuasive techniques to convince your "Egyptian classmates" that you would establish a civilization you could all be proud of, with beautiful monuments, expanded territories, an economy of trade, and if necessary, implementing politics of war to protect your nation's people.

Your speeches not only demonstrated your understanding of Egyptian leadership, they also demonstrated what influential and compassionate individuals you are becoming. I hope you are proud of your school work, and recognize that what you have said today represents your character. Keep up the good work!

With Love,
Ms. Shawn

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