Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Do you know how to use this "Scholar Speak"?

Academic Language Found on the CST

Represent- stand for
Intended- planned
Sense- feel
Editorial- writing with a perspective/viewpoint
Sources- places of information
Evidence- proof
Sympathy- understanding
Create- make
Achieve- accomplish
Contrasts- differs
Passage- piece of writing
Contributions- offerings
Flourish- grow
Tremendous- incredible
Transition- changeover/ shift
Visualize- to picture
Descriptive- expressive/ vivid
Seek- to look for
Permission- go-ahead/ agreement
Suggest- recommend
Authorize- allow
Acknowledgement- recognition
Effects- results
Implies- means
Realistic- factual/ based on the truth
Relates- connects/ interacts
Sequence of events- order of events
Resulted- caused
Topics- subjects
Obtained- got
Conflicts- problems
Intended- meant
Hinder- prevent
Lack- not have
Consequences- result/ outcome/ effect
Strongest support- strongest backup
Submit- agree to/ or turn in
Inspire- encourage
Version- type
Appropriate- fitting
Examination- investigation/ or test
Debate- discussion/ arguement
Quotation- citation/ line/ passage
Mocking- disrespectful/ making fun of
Continuous- nonstop
Suggest- recommend
Protect- defend
Incorrect- wrong
Serves- works/ acts
Illustration- example/ picture
Phenomenon- event/ occurrence
Obtain- to get
Capture- to summarize
Unique- one of a kind
Qualities- characteristics/ features/ traits
Unfortunate- unlucky
Organizational pattern- way of organizing something
Stimulating- inspiring/ exciting
Complicated- difficult/ complex
Descriptive- expressive/ vivid
Stanzas- paragraph in a poem
Theme- main idea or topic
Tone- feel
Complex sentence- two or more clause (part) sentence
Simple sentence- one clause (part) sentence

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