Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Geography Assignment #1

Geography includes five themes:
Location, Place, Regions, Movement, and Interaction (the way people and the environment come together)
Text Color

Directions: Using the following video and Googlemaps, you will:

1) write down the location of each musician singing or playing in the song, "Stand By Me."

2) Once you have a list of locations, it will be your job to locate each city using Googlemaps

3) Then color and label each city on the paper world map that I provide for you.

4) Label each of the 7 continents on the map in UPPER-CASE letters.

5) If you have extra time, watch the video again and add detail to your map

(such as: write or draw the instrument that is used in each location, do research in your text book to find out something interesting about the location, or include whatever creative facts you decide to)

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